42 Sailing Concert

We areinviting you to join singing szanties together. We were asked to take a part in this Thursday's event (18.05.2017). There is all informations about it: 18.05.2017 (Thursday) at 19:00. SAILING CONCERT WITH A LEMON SLICE with a duet: Dominika Żukowska - Andrzej Korycki. Preparing the audience to singing together will be also ensured by sailors from IED UJK, Antidotum choir and Sea Club HORN. From our Club there will be two guitarists: Jacek Jabłoński and Andrzej Cudzik. With their music we will sing warm up songs like: "Żegluj, Żegluj", "Ląd Irlandii", "Irlandzki żeglarz". Free entry Click and see info about the event

We will be there, so should you ;) Welcome!