Inland Skipper

Do you want to make your sailing dreams come true? Join to sailing training and learn to get your own Inland Skipper rank! The lectures start on 03.03.2018 and they will be organized for all Saturdays in March. After lectures you will start intensive practical training in Cedzyna, near Kielce on Mak 707 and omega boats. All supervised by our professional training staff

Training coordinator: Marcin Łukasiak, email: or phone: 603-304-106.

Untie safe ropes, sail, dream and discover with us because there were many that trusted us and now they sail cross seas and oceans of the whole world. We are waiting for you! Become Inland Skipper and join us!

Yacht Skipper

Sea Club HORN is organising trainings for Yacht Skipper ranks.

Trainings are organized when there is minimum 5 participants gathered. Classes are taking place in marina placed in Górki Zachodnie on sea yachts.

Informations and signing up:

Training coordinator: Marcin Łukasiak, email: or phone: 603-304-106.



Klub Morski HORN

ul. Zbigniewa Herberta 20

25-346 Kielce


Tel: +48 603 304 106

Training Center

Zalew Cedzyna przy Tamie

Cedzyna ul. Turystyczna 71/B

25-351 Górno

woj. Świętokrzyskie

Kielce, Polska

50°52'20.4"N 20°43'31.5"E