Beginnings of the Club

It took place in 1989, in contemporary college Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiczna in Kielce when Adam Rogaliński had an idea to organize a cruise on the Baltic Sea's salty waters. Or, maybe the beginnings reach back to year 1980 when in Wydminy, Mazury; when a group of young scouts from Kielce got an opportunity to sail for a few hours on their friend's boats? There was no place for Adam on smaller units, so he got "pushed" on brave optimist class boat. Of course, they asked him beforehand: "Do you know how to operate the boat?". If there would be an answer like: "This is the first time that I can see a boat from distance shorter than the one between me and the TV" then for sure Adam would stay on the shore. A scout can't lie, so he answered: "Of course, I do know! You need to steer the boat in such a way that you will come back at set time!". He didn't add that he had no idea how to do it or that he knows sailing from stories and TV's glass screen only. After 2 hours of rough fight with some unknown, movable stick, which changed the position of the shell and a battle with ropes, which - when you pulled them - made the boat move further and further away from the shore with no coordination, he managed to control that wild bowl and started to slowly zig-zag on water in the direction of marina.

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Sea Club HORN monography - PDF file in polish